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Win the Original Framed Artwork of Portal

I've been wanting to sell this to the right buyer for a very long time as its the most popular piece I have to date. It has been hands down the best selling and most well liked piece of mine since its inception and still is.

With that the value of this piece has surpassed $10,000 considering how many prints and shirts have sold of this design, not to mention the vast amount of shows that its gotten me into. At that point its not really a reasonable purchase for most people and I get that, so I've decided that I'm giving a chance to win it instead of never being able to purchase it in the first place.

As an alternative mode of entry if you write me a 250 word entry as to why you feel you this piece of artwork should be in your home and give expressed care and guarantee this will be safe in your possession and mail it in via postage I will enter your ticket in for free.

A portion of every ticket entry will be going to the Canadian Cancer Society at the end of the event.

You must be 19 or older to enter.

I'll be announcing the winner on social media after 100 entries.